About Us

Reagan Memorial Baptist Girls’ Secondary School was founded in 1941 by the Southern Missionary Board, USA. It is located at 29 Commercial Avenue, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria. It started as a primary school in 1948 when the girls were transferred to the present site in the third year.


The school was named in honor of Ms. Lucille Reagan, a missionary who wanted the idea of having a separate Baptist high school for girls. Ms. Reagan passed away of yellow fever in 1936. Ms. Cora Ney Hardy was the first principal. The first African principal was Ms. Adeola Adegbite.

As a Christian institution, the focus was to develop girls as high intellectuals, good-spitted, morally-sound and highly-cultured in the society. Girls were divided into 4 houses: Lumbley(yellow); Agbebi (Blue): Sanders (Red); and Reagan (Green). 

They competed for laurels at the Annual Inter-House Athletics Competition. Extra-curricular activities included Girls Auxiliary (GA), Lydia, Drama, Gardening, Literary and Debating, Red Cross. Thrift and Choral Clubs.