About ROGA

ROGA represents all present and past students of Reagan Memorial Baptist Girls Secondary School, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria, irrespective of where they reside in the world. Our aim is to continually advance our Alma Mater towards a center of excellence in education.

Our Mission at ROGA is to mobilize the power of Alumnae for positive change for our Alma Mater and the Reagan Child.  We aspire to strengthen a lifelong spirit of belonging and pride for every alumnae. We strive to improve the standard of learning in the school by engaging in projects that restore infrastructure and engaging the students in programs that promote excellence. We empower each Reagan child to be able to achieve successful careers in their chosen field and fulfill leadership roles around the country and indeed around the world.

ROGA will advocate for the School with a credible, independent and collaborative voice. We aim to be a prominent and respected Association whose members make meaningful contributions to her Alma Mater and to each other.